Welcome to our website!

The web developer RMIHOV designs, creates and maintenance web sites and web applications on request and depending on the customer requirements.
The sequence of implementation is as follows:
1. Survey your demands and requirements:
  • purpose of the site
  • number, content and functionality of the pages
  • graphic design, layout objects
2. Design part:
  • graphic components elaboration
  • HTML and CSS codes creation and validation
  • fully responsive design
3. Programme part:
  • designing the database structure
  • creation codebase
  • meet the criteria for a well-structured code
  • using techniques for protection against web attacks
4. Usual website details:
  • user modules: Registration, Login/Logout, Profile, Forgot Password
  • forms for data input, validation
  • CAPTCHA check to prevent from bots
  • email notifications for events
  • multilingual user interface
  • product catalogs divided by categories
  • search and filter records in database
  • reports from the database
  • rating system
  • content management system
  • SEO techniques
  • SEF URLs
5. During the development, the site will be installed on a RMIHOV's web server in internet. Thus, the customer will be able to monitor the progress of site, test and comment. After completion of the development, RMIHOV will remove the site from this server and will install it on client's server.